It’s time to unbury my life…

A few months ago, a friend posted on Facebook about The Buried Life.  It was not only inspiring in that moment (like so many things are), but it’s stuck with me.  Namely, this article is what got me going.

Over the past few months, I’ve kept mentally going back to that article. I need an actual bucket list, or 100 things to do before I die.  I’ve had a mental one for a while now, but I want to have something more tangible, shareable, and hopefully achievable.

This blog is my adventures unburying my life.  The things I really want to do, the life I really want to lead.

It’s a place I can record the journey, chart progress, encourage myself, and hopefully find other like-minded people along the way. It’s time I unburied my life.

Or, more simply put: it’s time to go for it, Genevieve.


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