“I’m wild…I’m wild awake.”

Nope, that’s not a double typo in the title. It’s lyrics from Tylan’s new album “One True Thing.” Delicious emo folk-pop. The personal resonance I’m feeling towards this album is both exhilarating and terrifying. Between “Vigil,” “Wild Awake,” and the quietly explosive “Fool Me Again,” the album is perfect for me right here, right now. I’m wild awake…both in life and in the fabulous city of New Orleans!


My first night was fantastic; a few choir people and I toured the French Market and then I went out for drinks, an LGBTQ art gallery opening, and dinner with local friends. They showed me awesome little local places and attractions, like Touchdown Jesus, in all his glory in the picture below.

The vibe around here is incredible, our room has a balcony you go out a window to get to, music is playing, there’re fountains all over the place (I adore fountains), the hotel courtyards are gorgeous, there’s so much to take in. It’s just what I needed and I’m so grateful to be here.



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