Just keep swimming.

Finally, I defeated all the demons and got in the pool.


  • I don’t have the right swimsuit.  So what?  Use what you have until you can get a better one.  You have a swimsuit and a Y membership.  You’re very lucky.  Now GO FOR IT!
  • I’m fat. Aaaaaaand tell me how not exercising is working out to reverse that.
  • The lifeguards will think I’m ugly. Who the hell cares?  They’re in their teens and early twenties.  Why do you want/need approval from them?
  • Other people will think I’m fat and ugly.  Again, who the hell cares?  They’re strangers.  Who are going for the same reason you are: fitness.  And as my friend Angie pointed out, everyone is usually too busy worrying about themselves nad their own bodies to really judge you.
  • I don’t have time.  Really?  REALLY?!  You were laid off, you moved away from your old life to start over, and you don’t have time to…start over?!  Can the pity party, chica, and move your ass!
  • I’m scared.  I know.  But you’re going to do it anyway and rock it!

And I have!  Three times this week, I’ve gone to the Y.  Twice I’ve done 45 minutes of laps and 15 minutes of stretching to work on doing a split.  The other time, my sister and I hit an aqua zumba class!  Bad bathing suit be damned, I rocked it out and feel so much better for it.


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