Singing songs about dreams about hopes about schemes…

Yesterday was quite lovely.  I went to my new church and the service was very poignant and fitting.  It spoke of sacred spaces and how, while they are definitely important, what really makes a place sacred is the connection to the people in it.

I’m really quite happy to have found this church and have even started making friends!  After the service, I introduced myself to the pianist.  She played beautifully during the service and I had to compliment her on that.  While we were talking, I asked about joining the choir.  She said there really isn’t a formal audition process.  They’re very open and welcome anyone who wants to sing and have been very blessed to become known as the “awesome little choir.”  Then she introduced me to a few choir members, who invited me to lunch.  The place we went to was Middle Eastern!  YES!  I found a Shawerma joint!  Whooooo!  Anyway, we talked for a few hours and I wound up driving one of the women home because she lives 5 minutes from me!  This was especially awesome because the church is in Memphis, so finding someone who lives near me in Mississippi was really awesome.  When we got to her place, she invited me in to talk a little.  She reminds me a lot of Maureen, which is also AWESOME.  She told me that the choir has sung songs from Wicked (YES!) and has traveled to Transylvania to sing with our sister church there.  (SO COOL!)  I also learned that she’s part of the book club and knitting circle at church.  HOLY….really?  Awesome.

I’m beginning to rebuild, slowly, slowly.  But still.  Rebuilding is good.  I like it.



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