It’s fun to stay at the…

Or rather, I just joined the…YMCA!  So much love for that place.  They have an “Open Door” policy which helps people who have low income join for way less than the normal price.  Also, there are THREE POOLS!  One indoor lap pool, one small indoor class pool, and an outdoor pool with splash park and water slides!  Wheeeee!  There are many water aerobics classes and even some dance aerobics I want to try.

In other news, I think I may’ve found a church that feels like home.  After much spiritual searching through my life that included a few visits to a Lutheran church, a Dianic Wiccan circle, a few Pagan covens, solo Pagan practice, and some other stuff I’m probably forgetting, I found a church that seems to be serene, welcoming of all walks of life, and very inviting.

Now I just have to get my ass to both!


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