I can knit!

Yesterday, I attended my first knitting class.  It was fun and quite interesting to see how yarn becomes intricately knotted and useful things like sweaters, socks, and scarves.  My first project is a scarf, which is being knitting with the needles and yarn that a dear friend gave me.  The knitting instructor wasn’t too thrilled with the yarn, but I’m working with it just fine.  Eventually, I’d love to be able to have the skill and money to justify buying expensive yarns, but that’s a goal for future Genevieve to achieve.

In other news, I’ve been Taking Care of Business.  I’ve been on hold with the IRS for nearly a half hour now to clear up what seems like a simple mistake (on their part).  Of course, that doesn’t make the wait time any shorter.  I’ve also printed out some other paperwork needed to get my finances under control.  In other Big Life News, the divorce papers should be coming in about 2 weeks.  Not looking forward to that, but it’s probably best that it’s all taken care of.  He clearly doesn’t want me anymore and why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate or want to be with me?

Changing my diet and exercise habits has been more of a challenge.  I’m clearly depressed (surprise!) and have been having mental battles with myself that go kinda like this:

Unhealthy Craving: You know what would be good right now?  Snickers 3X.

Me: No.

UC: Right!  Four would be better!

Me: Wow, that does sound good.

My Internal Goddess of Health: Are you fucking nuts? If you weren’t going to go for one, how is getting four better?

UC: Oh, I wouldn’t eat them all now. I’d save some for later when I’m feeling sad and weak.  I’m going through a divorce, you know.  And I lost my job.  And I’m in a new place.  And it’s hotter than the devil’s ass out…

MIGH: Now you’re just whining. I’m also going through a divorce, lost my job, moved…but that last metaphor is apt, I’ll give you that.

UC: Yay!  Four Snickers 3Xs!

MIGH: You keep that up and you’ll be a size 3X!

UC: Fuck it all!  I already am!  I’m fat!  Who the hell cares?!  I can’t deal with this all.  It sucks!

MIGH: YES, YOU CAN.  Exercise, starting eating better.  You got the unsweetened almond coconut milk. That was a good step.  Sorbet instead of ice cream was also good.  And what about those green beans and sugar snap peas you got?  Those are good choices!  Make more!

UC: Shut up, you sanctimonious harpy. WANT CHOCOLATE.

Me: Yo!  LADIES! All y’all shut up.  Have some ice cream.

MIGH: But…

UC: YAY!!!

Me: And a banana.

UC: Sure, whatever.

MIGH: Small but delicious progress.

Me: Mmmm.

In other news, The Voice auditions are this weekend.  I’ve been practicing (even at the yarn shop, twice now).  That’s definitely something I’m going for.


2 responses to “I can knit!

  1. Welcome to the world of knitting! =) Can’t wait to see/hear how you go with your first project! Oh and sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time in life….hang in there ‘cos as they say “There’s always sunshine after the rain!”

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