Acceptance is key.

My husband filed for divorce yesterday.  I should have the paperwork in about 30 days.  I’ve been feeling kind of numb, and fighting to get to hopeful for the future.

Sometimes, the simplest message helps ease the pain.  Such is the case with the following passage.  It’s stayed with me for years and helped me through many situations that felt unfair, hurtful, and just plain impossible to contemplate.

“By royal order of King Phillip,” repeated the solider, “I am sent here to tell you that soup has been outlawed in the Kingdom of Dor. You will, by order of the king, never again consume soup. Nor will you think of it or talk about it. And I, as one of the king’s loyal servants, am here to take from you your spoons, your kettle, and your bowls.

“But that can’t be,” said Uncle.

“Nevertheless. It is.”

-Kate DiCamillo from The Tale of Despereaux

There will be other things to eat.  I will have other things to eat them from, and with.  I will be okay.  I will achieve dreams I never thought possible.

GO for it, Genevieve.


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